Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Portable Appliance Testing Training for Checking Safety of Electrical Equipments

Portable appliance is a procedure for assessing the safety of electric appliances. The in-service testing of the electric equipments is necessary for assuring the safety of employees. The portable testing training courses are designed to create testers competent in inspecting and testing electrical equipments.
Importance of Portable Appliance training
It is estimated that a quarter of all electrical accidents are linked to portable electrical equipments. Most of these unfortunate incidents can be averted by inspecting the appliances at regular intervals. According to the Electricity at Work Regulation law, only a person who has received formal training in portable testing can inspect the electrical installations in public and private buildings.
Features of Portable Appliance training courses
A highly rated Portable Testing training program complies with the latest Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE) code of practice. The training course includes identification of different types of electrical equipments and the different routes through which electrical appliances are damaged. Learning the different test procedures and the right use of the testing instruments are the most important components of the Portable Appliance training courses. In addition, the participants in the course are trained in visual inspection and record keeping. No prior educational qualification or knowledge of testing electrical equipments is required for joining the Portable Appliance training courses.The highly rated PAT training courses give equal emphasis on the theories and practices of PAT testing.
Different areas of Portable Testing
After completing a Portable Appliance training course, you can join a company that specializes in Portable Testing. These companies are engaged by businesses to inspect and test the electrical equipments. However, to save the cost of hiring an external company for assessing the safety of the electrical appliances, nowadays a large number of businesses are creating their own in-house workforce trained in Portable Appliance.
The main duty of the in-house staff trained in Portable Testing is to ensure that all the electrical equipments in an organization are safe and secure. A person who has participated in a Portable Appliance training course can undertake regular visual inspections of electrical equipments in an office or factory. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), almost 90 percent faults in electrical appliances can be identified through this process. However, for enhancing the overall safety of electrical equipments, visual inspections should be followed by Portable Testing. While testing the appliance, the tester should check the insulation of the appliance and cables, polarity of the wiring and the earthing system.


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